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Technika has helped Australian families make lasting memories for over 20 years. At the heart of every home is the kitchen – it’s where we cook, share meals, prepare for the day and come together in the evening. Technika Professional Series aims to meet style, innovation and reliability in the heart of your kitchen with a series of 6 new built in ovens for the 2021 campaign.Website: https://technika.com.au

Technika, an already established business was purchased by Glen Dimplex Australia some years ago. As the businesses merged, Technika’s audience evolved. The new range of appliances by Technika Professional Series was to commemorate the new design and style. The challenge was to create a uniformity across Technika, Technike Professional Series, Technika Commercial and remaining sub series that would work across various product materials, appliances and marketing. The Technika professional series was well received within the company. While it has not yet been released, it has already increased communication within the company by becoming a rallying point for how specification sheets, user manuals and serigraphy will be approached moving forward. Another by-product of this project was that it initialised the new launch of freestanding cookers and development process within the company that ultimately helped it to take on new artwork approach moving forward within Technika and other brands such as Euromaid owned by Glen Dimplex Australia. As a result of this experience, I learned that when designing a product for a new environment, bringing in the concepts and communication within the team early on in the project really helps things to go smoothly down the line.

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