October 19, 2021

How To Integrate Your Online Presence

Beverly Agius
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Having an online presence that can integrate between your brand, marketing, sales, admin and the many other aspects can be expensive. If not required extra staff – it’s paying expensive products. A no go for many venturing into a new business.

When planning on starting an online business you need a process. Keeping a record of clients and their projects, administration, marketing times and sales time. Without having a budget for other staff members or the price tag that comes with the “all in one solution” products, comes a time-expensive trial and error period. Here are some of the top products that are trialed and tested at a much affordable rate.

Setting Up A WordPress CMS

We’re not saying that other programs like Squarespace are not powerful tools however too often clients that go beyond a sole trader position outgrows its features. WordPress, on the other hand, allows for a uniquely customizable consumer interface, powering tens of millions of websites around the world, with lots of massive manufacturers like New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, PlayStation, and CNN using WordPress to mention a few. WordPress itself is free! When combined with a premium page builder like Elementor and a hosting such as Bluehost, your business will be left with a powerful tool that the only limit will be your imagination.

Email Marketing

You now have a website with a killer Elementor set up. The next step is to integrate an email marketing system to get your content, your services and your brand out there.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers because it gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.

Thanks to today A.I, emails can be custom, automated and personal with just a click of a few buttons. Products like Mailerlite are a great option. Suited for micro to large business –  You can create free campaigns, free landing pages. When your site receives a new form, Mailerlite will send an automated email that can say a personal thank you, provide them with more information or whatever you would like the email to do. The best part? You haven’t lifted a finger. Make a booking with us to learn more about how to integrate your website and social media with your mail marketing solution.

Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

CRM Softwares are designed to bring increased efficiency and visibility to your enterprise. build your business on a single, secure and scalable platform. It allows your business to save precious hours in your day, stay organised and in return provide a better experience to you and your clients. A CRM keeps record all of your communications and details with your each of your client. It can also be used as a project management tool, a sales tool, a support chat line tool, a marketing tool and so much more. Beverly Agius Creative looked at countless of CRMs before finding the one that worked for us. Hubspot offers the most powerful free CRM options we have so far seen on the market. It covers all the basics and much more. It integrates with WordPress through a plugin and Mailerlite through Zapier. It connects with Google, Outlook, Xero, and hundreds of other integrations. The premium features can cover half of the other singular serviced products. It can truly reduce the amount of admin and marketing staff you require on your team.

Social Media

You can make your social media platforms visible on your website and emails. However did you know you can also do the following:

  1. Set up an automated response messenger chat on Facebook?
  2. Connect a newsletter subscribe form from either Mailerlite or Hubspot CRM?
  3. Share website content on social media to direct them back to your site?
  4. Embed your social media on to your site
  5. Create Share Now links to make it easier for your customers to share your content and spread the word?

Google Applications

Google. Google is a best friend to many. Not just for business but for the everyday individual.

One of the immediate benefits that Google Apps for businesses has over traditional desktop software, such as Microsoft Office, is cost-effectiveness. At just around $50 per year, the Google Apps suite includes an unlimited number of user accounts, access to all of Google‘s applications, 25 GB of e-mail storage per employee, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9 percent network up time guarantee. Google Docs, Google Slides, Google My Business, Google Hangouts; you get the gist. It can be accessed from anywhere making it perfect for the mobile freelancer, the flexible working arrangements and the rare but existing Android to Ipad to Windows user such as myself. Features like Google’s Drive means I don’t have to worry about the ongoing battle between companies since Google identifies with all.

Just to recap, there are many great products that support micro to small business owners through out their growing journey. You don’t need thousands or an entire working team to start up and running. Organisation, consistency, clarity in your delivery can and should be there from day 1.

What are your favourite ways or products to connect your online world in one lead capturing community?


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