Yes and no. There are some international restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your logo. Let us explain…

YES: You can use your logo to promote/advertise/market and brand your business in any media for as long as you are in business. You can also trademark your logo. If you sell your business, you can pass the visual identity to the new owners. Your visual identity is an asset to your business.

NO: You cannot use bits and pieces of your logo to create a new one. Nor can you create a new company using the same design as the existing logo – even if you change colours or text. If you are planning on expanding your company, we can use your current visual identity and adapt it to reflect the changes in your business.

In some cases, our clients wish to use their logo for several businesses, just changing the name or colours. If that’s what you need, the fee proposal we prepare for you before work begins will state that and you can rest assured the work is being performed to meet your specific needs.

For more information please refer to the Australian Copyright Council article: Logos Legal Protection.



Copyright on all creative work I produce is always shared between us and the client. In a nutshell, I retain the right to be recognised as the creators of the artwork, and you get the right to copy or reproduce the artwork for the purpose it was created.

For instance, in the case of logotypes, you’re entitled to use it on all of your products and merchandise, e.g. websites; brochures; TV commercials, for as long as you are in business.

And from my side, no part of that logotype can be used for the creation of new artwork such as new logotypes for different businesses or/and entities because you get exclusive rights.

Copyright is intellectual property or IP because it results from a person’s creativity and thoughts.

The owner of the copyright is generally the author, and the author is generally the first person who gave life to a piece of art, music, or any creative production really!

Sharing copyright with my clients mean I am always acknowledged, whenever appropriate, as authors of the creative work. IP is always mine, and the rights to reproduce the design–the copyright–goes to the client.

If stock images or clip art are used then copyright remains with the original photographer or stock image provider and can only be used according to their terms and conditions.