Beverly Agius


I'm good at making
complicated things easy.

What I like to do is design, create engaging and memorable experiences. I help my clients create minimal solutions that improve the daily lives of humans by being ever more unique, creative and sustainable.

My Background

I have a Bachelor's degree in Design (Major in Communications) from Swinburne University. Furthermore a Diploma in Business and various certifications in Design, Marketing, Business and Project Management.

I have spent the last six years focusing on bringing my best foot forward in solving any design problems that come my way. Notable companies I have worked for are:
Belling | Euromaid | Technika | Marketplacer | Suttie Financial Group and more.

About how
I work.

I support each client in their space purchasing strategy, regardless of their size or needs.

I learn about the business, the strengths and potential weaknesses in the current design strategies and evaluate what the best solution may be, offering options and time frames within each strategy to ensure maximum efficiency and result.

Wherever you are, we can
work together.

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